Nevada Bar Set

Nevada Bar Set

Chunky tabletop looks great in two sections of smoothed reclaimed teak and is mirrored in the seat tops on the bar stools which are shaped slightly for extra comfort.

All leg supports and framework are made from tough but lightweight aluminium


Bar Chair: 42cm x 42cm x 67cm 

Nevada Bar Table: 210cm x 70cm x 101cm 


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Powder-coated in a rustic style. commercial and domestic buyers perfectly …

Beautiful Reclaimed Teak:

It is naturally strong and resistant to water and decay – making it perfect for outdoor benches that need to last and look good for years to come.

Its natural oils mean that the wood can be worked and left in its natural state. Over time the wood will go a beautiful silvery-greyish colour.

The aroma of the wood is an attractive, unique quality as well. Different people get different things out of it – some say it smells earthy while others detect a more leathery smell to it.

The reddish, golden hue to the wood makes it stand out without being intrusive and it really glows in the sunshine making it even more inviting as a piece of furniture.