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If there exists a single piece of furniture that has the unique ability to define the style of personal living space, that piece would undoubtfully be the sofa. It is nowadays, available in a wide range of styles and with a variety of functions. A sofa can be in a variety of forms such as functional or whimsical, period or contemporary, single or sectional. In every single instance, the couch, as a signature object, defines the right space in which it sits.

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Eve 2 Seat Sofa Set Eve 2 Seat Sofa Set
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Eve 2 Seat Sofa Set

Outdoor Fabric Collection. The Eve sofa has a slender, stylish design which will complement your outdoor area. The set is accompanied with a large square aluminium coffee table which caters for low level seating

€3,563.99 Regular price €3,599.99 Price
Bora 3 Seat Sofa Set Bora 3 Seat Sofa Set
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Bora 3 Seat Sofa Set

Bora is a sofa set with a tropical character. The robust teak base gives the set a casual, beachy look and extremely solid construction. Teak is weather-resistant and has a long lifespan.
IN THIS PURCHASE The Bora Sofa set consists of a 3-seater,  2-Armchairs, and a Teak Coffee table


€14,999.99 Price
Pulse 3 Seat Sofa Set with Rising Table

3 seat sofa dining set comes as a luxury casual dining experience from our Qualis Lounge collection, the combination of seating combined with the all-weather outdoor fabric construction The Scatter cushions are not part of the purchase IN STOCK CHECK OUR STOCK

€4,299.95 Price
Ethos 2 Seat Sofa Set

Soft just like everyday indoor textiles, but their revolutionary construction makes them almost indestructible. La Vita fabrics are fade-resistant, so they will keep their beautiful, vibrant colour for years.

€3,699.99 Price
The Infinity Fabric 3 Seat Sofa Set

Designed to create a unique fabric that is highly stained and water repellent. Unlike other garden furniture, you will no longer have to worry about messy guests or sudden downpours – your washing may still get wet but there will be no need to rush and bring your furniture cushions inside.

€5,299.99 Price
Ambition 2 Seat Sofa Set

Ambition 2 seat sofa set is perfect for the slightly smaller garden, fit an outdoor sofa set into your garden design. The outdoor sofa and armchairs are designed with our high performance outdoor fabric, finished with a quilted stitch

€3,299.99 Price
ambition 3 seat sofa set

Upholstered outdoor lounge set integrates flawless design with premium comfort This all-weather fabric can be left outdoors all year. La Vita fabric is specially designed to be resistant to UV light, water, salt, mould, chlorine, stains, and other outdoor hazards

€3,599.99 Price
Snug Set

A contemporary design. You'd be easily forgiven for questioning whether this was a sofa or a daybed. The Snug merges together to create a single cosy daybed or just as easily comes the part to form 4 separate chairs with a central footstool.

€4,299.99 Price
Alaska 3 Piece Suite

3 Piece Suite comes with a Two-Seater Sofa, Two Armchairs – an absolute bargain at our Special Price. The cushions tend to clinch the deal with the Alaska Suite.
Forzal Heather fabric is the standard fabric

€1,599.99 Price

Even though one doesn't see the sofa's structure, in particular, it forms the basis of how comfortable the couch turns to be for the buyer. We can identify a comfortable sofa with a frame designed in such a way that it makes the person more convenient to get up and down from their seated position.

The frame needs to be sturdy enough to support the weight of all the people who tend to use it. Always look for sofa frames constructed out of hardwood, for example, kiln-dried ash or an oak or beech. It is essential to examine the legs of the sofa still clearly. They should be either a part of the frame itself or combine with any dowels or screws. If you would raise one of the front corners of a sofa, then, the other front leg should also come off the floor as well in case if the sofa has a solid structure. In case if the other leg doesn't correctly rise from the floor, then the couch is considered to be structurally weak and may not be comfortable over time.

This procedure of quality testing applies to all furniture sofa sets, three-piece sofa sets, sofa and dining table sets, ark daybed and many others. However, their care and maintenance also come to question once purchased. There are only remarkably few brands that provide furniture's as promised. Be careful to always buy the right brand according to your need and the level of maintenance and space you can achieve and enjoy.