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Garden Furniture brings us varied styles and designs in the Patio heaters. Even Garden Furniture is coming with the new options of developing the outdoor heaters. These Patio heaters keep us harm when you people sit out for a long time to enjoy the weather. Whatever be the requirements the best suitable heaters for all the people is Patio heater.

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Helios 3kW Free Standing Electric Patio Heater

3kW Free Standing Electric Patio Heater is the ideal freestanding heater that can accompany any sofa or dining set. This 3kW designer heater has Infrared heating elements and multiple settings allowing you to control the temperature of your heater. On the main screen, you will easily be able to determine your heat setting via the handy lights. When you press the heat hi/low button you will see this ignites orange buttons on the screen

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Piza Square Firepit Tower Piza Square Firepit Tower
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Piza Square Firepit Tower

Firepit Tower is a stylish design that would complement both aluminium and fabric furniture alike and is the perfect garden accessory to add both heat and light to your outdoor space

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Lyra Freestanding Electric Patio Heater

With a pleated shade, the Lyra Freestanding Patio Heater is a modern multifunctional lamp that you can add to finish your luxury home garden space. Light up your evenings with the LED integrated system and turn up the heat to keep warm during the cooler evenings. 

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Helio Hanging Electric Patio Heater Helio Hanging Electric Patio Heater
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Helio Hanging Electric Patio Heater

Helio patio heater in our outdoor heater collection, the design attracts a modern twist. The heater can be wired in over the top of your garden area to add a lovely relaxation light when the nights draw in, once the sun sets you can also turn on the heating system to keep warm. 

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Bluetooth Wall Heater With Speakers

Heater with Speakers (009KBS)  With speakers at either end and a heater in the middle, you can control the heat and the music direct from your phone! Download the app and off you go!  These heaters also have an IP65 rating for better waterproofing ...

€354.10 Price
3KW Tri Parasol Heater With Remote

This can emit up to 3kW of infrared ultra low glare heat with each individual heater being 1KW ...

Clamp our new heater to any outdoor parasol and keep your guests comfortable all year round. 

With it's stylish aluminium construction, 

€299.99 Price
Heatmaster Popular 2000w Patio Heater

(4 halogen heaters - 4 way) ...

 silent operation, odourless, convenient ...

Double switch - enables 2 or 4 lights to be turned on and off

New modern slick design.

Power specifications: Heaters - 4 x 500w, Fits pole size - 25-55mm Heat output - 2kw

Cable Length: 1.5m Electrical plug requires changing

€186.95 Price
Remote Control Wall Heater With Oscillation

Oscillating Wall Heater looks the business and also offers you the ability to reposition it by 30 degrees to both the left and right all by remote control. Direct the heat to the area you’re in effortlessly and they are also IP65 rated for better waterproofing 

€307.95 Price
Bluetooth Heat & Beat Tower Heater

Tower Heater (012KBS)

With speakers at the top and bottom, you can control the heat and the music direct from your phone! Download the app and off you go!  new tower heater allows you to warm your outdoor space and blast the tunes out all in one unit. The heater itself is of the highest quality using infrared carbon lamps to offer large heat range both above and in front of the unit itself.

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Replacement Glass Tube
The Athena Plus Replacement Glass Tube is also compatable with the Original Alfresco Flame Heater, Royal Tower Flame Heater, Hausen Flame Heater and the Sun Tastic Flame Heater
€94.07 Price
Heatwave Wall Heater Replacement Lamp

Replacement bulb for the Heatwave wall patio heater. This 2Kw bulb has an infrared HeLeN gold tube which is capable of a long lamp life of up to 5,000 - 7,000 hours.

Product specifications:
Philips HeLeN 5,000-7,000 hours lamp life
Length: 495mm
Output: 2kw 

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Lyra Overhang Electric Patio Heater 1800w Lyra Overhang Electric Patio Heater 1800w
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Lyra Overhang Electric Patio Heater 1800w

A lovely pleated shade, the Lyra Overhanging Patio Heater is a modern multifunctional lamp that you can add to finish your luxury home garden space. Light up your evenings with the LED-integrated system 

Options of White Shade Or Charcol Shade

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The benefits of patio heaters

There are many choices in the patio heaters. There are electric patio heaters, gas patio heaters, pyramid-shaped, and it is the portable one.

It can mostly use in the bars, hotels and pubs and the mainly used by the rich people not by anyone or in any more places. In the price of $200 itself, you can get some of the fantastic outdoor heaters. I don’t know anything that is left by the garden furniture to sell more. They have branched out in many products in all the ranges, and especially there is more demand for the outdoor heaters.

This seller gives us the products in good quality. These heaters made up of stainless steel, and it is more attractive and shinier cool designs. In patio heaters, there are nine other designs to confuse the people to choose the heaters. It gives an impression of 46,000 BTU of heat. Say that the user can feel the excitement about the 18 feet away in any direction. The outdoor heaters mainly used as the garden heaters where you and your friends can enjoy their heat along with the environment.

Mode of operation

Just press the simple button to switch on the heaters due to the Piezo ignition system.

User should set the heat and press the start button.

It is the automatic one which shuts off when it stops heating.