Water Hyacinth Furniture

Forming a layer of plants on the surface of the water, the Hyacinth plant considered being a very harmful aquatic living organism. Especially when it comes to fishing, travelling or other activities involving water activities But one thing that is regarded as a luxury is the water hyacinth furniture.

Naturally, Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that generally grows in water bodies like rivers, lakes, or ponds. It has dark green leaves that found mostly to be elliptical or circular. It was discovered that water hyacinth possesses an exciting and excellent quality material for the use of furniture production.

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Water Hyacinth luxury garden furniture

Furniture shops were first started in Thailand, and that presented water hyacinth got an artistic approach to the art of furniture making and various other designs. A right combination and of excellent craftsmanship and the proper usage of the plant might result in multiple contemporary designs and ideas for both the interior and outdoor designing. Various luxury resorts in the Mediterranean and Asia use water hyacinth furniture for its elegance, functionality, and beauty. And today, the whole world has begun to get curious to own a unique piece of their own. Although water hyacinth furniture can be primarily used as an outdoor material, one must not let it be exposed to Ultraviolet rays of the sun for a very particular prolonged period. This might affect not only the colour but also the structure of the furniture. If the preference was to place it outdoors, it is always best to put it under a shade or cover it from time to time. The best in class water hyacinth Sofas are one tint of luxury when you add it up. It not only stays as furniture adorning your house but also, makes way for an idea of status symbol. This way, the furniture used is not only an adornment but also a symbol of pride.

The Maintenance:

It is always advised to have thorough maintenance of the furniture periodically. Each frame must be wiped with a clean, moist cloth to remove all the spills and dust. One can also use a vacuum but with a soft brush attachment to clean the woven parts. It is essential to note that water hyacinth furniture does not remain damp or wet or moist because that would result in moulds, which will subsequently deteriorate the material. When the proper piece of furniture is brought up and maintained, we can be sure that the worth of the furniture is maintained correctly and is governed aptly.