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Classic bench offers you with the required vintage point for sitting and enjoying your space. At Garden Furniture Spain, you will get a classic bench that fits into any space and looks simply amazing. A perfect teak garden bench makes a serene treatment from the hot summer.

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Balmoral Bench 2.0m

It’s difficult to place The Balmoral Bench into any one category of design – that’s a big part of its beauty.

If we compare it to other benches in our catalogue it has hints of the Richmond Bench but is also reminiscent of both the Teak Windsor Rose and, in some ways, the Royal Bench’s. Suits commercial and domestic buyers equally as well 

€1,399.99 Price
Henley 2m Bench

smooth finish and superb arched back rest the Henley 2 Metre Bench has plenty of room to spread out and relax with slightly contoured, plentiful seating and wide flat armrests.

€1,049.99 Price
Westminister Storage Bench

Garden Storage Bench may well be the solution for you.

At 1.5 metres long and with a 68cm seat depth there’s plenty of room, not just cushions but other items that need storing when not in use but will get ruined if left outside.

€1,399.99 Price
Heart Storage Bench

Entirely from hand-finished, Grade A Teak Wood with a lovely heart-shaped hole in the centre of the back-rest.

And it’s sturdy, really sturdy – all joints are reinforced with teak dowels and the mainframes are thick and chunky pieces of solid teak finished that smoothly you won’t need a cushion.

€1,299.99 Price
Sandhurst Bench 2.4m

jointed with mortice and tenon and teak dowels for long lasting sturdiness.

This also means it lends itself to commercial environments.

A one-time purchase that’ll last for years and years to come …

In fact it will probably out live you and us! And all you have to do is find the perfect place for it.

€1,399.99 Price
Windsor 1.5m Bench

Benches are crafted to the highest standard of 

workmanship and come in a variety of classic and
contemporary styles, This is kiln-dried and pre-treated
to category three which gives it a full ten-year life span,

Quite simply, the best, Its dense, oily nature means
it has a very low moisture uptake over time the teak will age
and assume that silver-grey patina there is nothing like the look
and feel of a brand new handcrafted teak dining set
or bench with that beautiful honey-coloured
lustre and smoothed appeal.

€949.99 Price

Classic benches for every garden space!

Relaxing and indulging in all kinds of entertainment should not be limited only to the indoor area when you have a beautiful outdoor or garden area. Garden Furniture Spain offers you classic benches starting from traditional garden benches to classic benches with all swirls or simple straight lines. With perfect furniture, you can provide your garden with the required finishing. Take a pick from our available range of furniture.

Classic benches come in varied types, size and materials. Whatever you wish, you will get the best classic bench from Garden Furniture, Spain. Among the different materials used in outdoor benches, teak outdoor bench makes the best both in quality and lifespan. Teak bench lasts for an extended period, thanks to its all weather-resistant properties. From intricately made and handcrafted teak outdoor bench to some stylish outdoor benches, the choices are enormous at Garden Furniture Spain. We offer you the most versatile as well as elegant benches for your outdoor area.

Teak garden bench the best addition to your outdoor space.

After a long hectic day, a teak armchair offers you a very comfortable place for resting and reflecting. We have a significant portfolio of classic outdoor benches, available in varied materials and created in various styles. So, set up an extremely relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor area and enjoy the full sunny days in your garden. Garden Furniture offers varied teal outdoor bench, designed for withstanding all elements. You will surely find the right option that suits perfectly the style of your garden.