Edge Table Set | FSC® Certified

Edge Table Set | FSC® Certified

Please Note that combined with the purposefully roughened edges of the teak strips along each side gives the piece as a whole great character


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The metal parts are made from powder-coated steel which is much tougher and harder wearing than the traditional aluminum that is now so common.

There are also steel supports on the underside of the table set.

Superior teak:

  •     It’s light in nature which transfers to the furniture making it easy to move when you rearrange the décor.
  •     Its oily nature makes it naturally resistant to weather and gives it a lovely smooth finish and does not rot, warp or split.
  •     It has a lovely rich golden hue that’s very pleasurable on the eye and as it ages it assumes an alluring silver-grey patina giving it more character.
  •     It’s well suited to both commercial and domestic use and can be used in and outdoors.


  • Bench
  • Length: 240cm 
  • Height: 46cm
  • Width: 43cm
  • Table
  • Length: 240cm
  • Height: 74cm
  • With: 100cm