Edge Marbella Dining Set | FSC® Certified

Edge Marbella Dining Set | FSC® Certified

The simple design looks great in a mixture of teak and powder-coated stainless steel.

Stainless steel is very robust and will stand the test of time with regular use.

This is a patented fabric that comes with a five-year guarantee.


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High tenacity polyester yarn.

Specific sheath formulation.

Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology.

Optimised weave openness.


Tear-resistant and extremely strong with UV stabilisers for that non-fade quality.

Easy to clean with soapy water.

Tension uniformly conserved: no bagging phenomenon.

Uniform weave with very vibrant colours.

Stays cool in summer, dries very quickly.

The teak is of the finest quality and lends itself to outdoor use with high oil content and dense grain naturally protecting it against the weather.



Length: 200cm or 240cm

Height: 46cm

Width: 43cm


Width: 54cm

Height: 89cm

Depth: 55cm