York Table

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Reclaimed Teak Furniture offers a move away from
the norm.and different whilst at the same time
being functional,practical and expertly made by
skilled crafts people to their bespoke,
hand-made qualities, It makes sense
environmentally as well.

By reclaiming teak that's come to the end
of its natural useful life Quite simply, the best,
Its dense, oily nature means, It has a very low
moisture uptake over time the teak
will blend in your environment 

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1,128.27 €


1,187.66 €

  • 135cm table
  • 160cm table + 125.95

More info

Our York dining table is manufactured using reclaimed teak, with a very stylish pedestal and large wide table top slats, chairs can be pushed underneath the table to make a compact patio furniture suite.

we have 2 sizes available 

1.35m table dimensions:
Diameter: 135cm
Height: 75cm


1.6m table dimensions:
Diameter: 160cm
Height: 75cm