Thornbury 3m Reclaimed Teak Table

Thornbury 3m Reclaimed Teak Table

Your dining area unforgettable with our brand-new Thornbury 3m Reclaimed Teak Table! This table is manufactured from reclaimed teak root wood sourced from Indonesia, ultimately emulating elegance and sophistication within your indoor or outdoor area. With the table being crafted from chunky reclaimed teak


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  • resistant to any weather elements as its high oil content provides natural protection against any harsh substances that may harm it.
  • With a high oil content and dense grain, this table is full of natural materials which allows it to thrive throughout the year!
  • Due to the superior quality of the teak wood, this table will begin to age gracefully into a silver-grey patina.
  • With its chunky exterior finish, this table will be the centerpiece of your dining area due to its striking and unique detailed grain!
  • The main feature of this table is the middle leg located underneath to provide stability and support, as well as the heavyweight allowing it to tackle any external conditions.
  • We do strongly advise against the use of teak protector on this product as this will tarnish the overall finish of the teak wood.

Table Dimensions:

  • Height: 78cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Length: 300cm
  • Leg thickness: 12 x 12cm
  • Distance between Legs: 276cm