Paris Coffee Table | FSC® Certified

Paris Coffee Table | FSC® Certified

A coffee table with a simple but practical design.

Mortice and Tenon joints reinforced with Teak Dowels meaning your teak Dining Table will last for years and retain its solid character.

There are no sharp edges either – the edges are smoothed off which is both a practical and decorative feature.


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In direct sunlight, this table will give off a look of golden vitality and lasting beauty …

The dense, oily nature (tecto-quinone - natural oils), of teak, gives it a very low moisture uptake and this leads to very little warping and supreme strength.

Teak also has a high resistance to termites, pests and chemicals making it perfect for outdoor use.

Over time it will assume the classic, silver-grey patina associated with aged teak

The above characteristics mean that once purchased and in situ, this teak coffee table will make a lovely, eye-catching feature piece indoors or out.


Length: 119cm

Width: 49cm

Height: 42cm