Kobe Nesting Tables

Kobe Nesting Tables

Three sizes and the designs never fail to catch the eye and offer up a talking point.

Each one is handcrafted and the reclaimed teak root sections are hand finished to look like they are running across the tabletop and down the sides.

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This beautiful timber has a fantastic character and the reclaimed root sections have huge rustic appeal as well.

It is far superior to any other timber, particularly when used outdoors due to an abundance of natural oils and a very dense grain.

In time the natural ageing process will turn the root section a silver-grey patina which will add to the overall character in general.

Please see our range of Teak Care Products if you are looking to change the cosmetic appearance of the teak.

We do not recommend the use of teak oil.


Kobe Nesting Table - L    44 x 40cm x 100 

Kobe Nesting Table - M - 35 x 39 x 62cm

Kobe Nesting Table - S - 35 x 39 x 50cm

Please Note: This product uses reclaimed timber which by its very nature includes inconsistencies in the grain and a skilled craft technique called 'patching.'. This is a characteristic of all reclaimed furniture and simply adds to the bespoke, eye-catching nature of the design.

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  • 4421999999