Como Pergola 3m x 4m - 4 Drop Sides & LED
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Como Pergola 3m x 4m - 4 Drop Sides & LED

One of the most stylish and high-tech are available on the market yet. It is crafted from high-quality aluminum which ensures solid maintenance-free construction. The aluminum is UV-protected so resistant to fading and protects you and your family from harmful UV rays. The Pergola is made with 100% weather-resistant materials, perfectly suitable for long-term use. The tilting louvers can be conveniently opened or closed.



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Frame Colour

 You may have them closed to create a sheltered space or open to provide sunlight. The Pergola allows you to enjoy your outdoor space whatever the British weather has to bring! There is no need to open the louvres to drain any excess rainwater as it incorporates an intelligent built-in drainage system which allows the water to drain down the inside of the legs directly to an outlet which allows the water to drain into the ground, so there is never a pool of water on the Pergola roof.

So there is never a pool of water on the Pergola roof. The Qualis Pergola offers 4 Textilene drop sides which are manually adjustable therefore ideal for shielding unwanted sun or wind from any direction. In addition to this, there are remote-controlled LED mood lighting strips around the perimeter of the gutter system.

The LED strips can be multicoloured or white only and are easily adjusted with remote control. You can also set the lights to automatically change the colour periodically or keep it one colour. The lights are dimmable to your desired brightness to set the mood.

The gazebo would require a 240-volt socket for the lights to be activated. In addition, it requires 2 people to assemble and the suggested build time is 2hrs.


  • 1x - 3m x 4m Aluminium Pergola - H2.3m
  • 4x - Texteline Drop Sides - 370cm x 218cm
  • 1x - Fixing Kit & LED Remote Control


  •     Integrated LED Lights with Plug (Not Hard Wired)
  •     Lights Multicoloured or White Options
  •     100% Weather Resistant Materials
  •     Tilting Louvres to allow light or shut for protection
  •     Intelligent built-in Drainage System
  •     4 Texteline Drop Sides - Weighted and attached to Cable Runners
  •     240 Volt Socket
  •     GREY FRAME  ALU-GB124-304012
  •     WHITE FRAME ALU-GB124-304015