Winchester 6 Chair Extending Set

Winchester 6 Chair Extending Set

aesthetic benefits are obvious from the photos you’ve already seen – the stunning golden hue of A Grade teak, the hand finished smoothness of the worked timber, the curved lines of the seating and the impressive slat design that makes the table look so stunning

However, there are practical benefits as well in this unique dining set.


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Long lasting practicality as well, in fact.

The crafts people who make our dining furniture use mortice and tenon joints reinforced with teak dowels to ensure that long lasting appeal with regular use over time.

Unlike more mass produced and widely available sets that use bolted construction that often fails just a few months after your purchase.

Add to this the fact that it’s made of teak and you really have got something that lends itself to outdoor use all year round.

Make a statement inside or outside your home …

For those who may not know, high grade varieties of this timber are blessed with a very high oil content and extremely dense grain meaning the furniture produced from them is able to withstand the elements all year round without the need for external protectors.

The timber will simply age to a lovely silver-grey patina which is very familiar and loved by many.

Cosmetic connoisseurs of this timber may want to consider our range of Teak Care Products.

Set comprises of one Chelsea Extending Table, two Winchester Stacking Armchairs and four Winchester Stacking Dining Chairs.

Chelsea Extending Table Dimensions:

  • Height: 74cm
  • Width: 90cm
  • Length (unextended): 160cm
  • Length: with 1 extension: 200cm
  • Length: with both extensions: 260cm
  • Parasol hole diameter: 51mm

Winchester Stacking Armchair Dimensions:

  • Height: 97cm
  • Width: 57cm
  • Depth: 50cm
  • Seat height: 43.5cm
  • Seat depth: 43cm
  • Arm height: 65cm


  • Height: 97cm
  • Width: 42cm
  • Depth: 50cm
  • Seat height: 43.5cm
  • Seat depth: 43cm