Willow 1.5m Dia Table

Willow 1.5m Dia Table

 A quality outdoor rattan with lightweight aluminium frames and capped feet the Valencia Round Dining Table looks great with a highly contemporary design.

The glass top is 8mm thick and tempered.


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It is tested for tolerance a huge range of temperatures without degrading or fading.

  • The manufacturing process uses no harmful Cadmium, Lead or Chromium unlike other brands of synthetic rattan.
  • The textured surface looks and feels like the original paper loom.
  • It has a high resistance to water of all types including chlorinated water making it perfect for use in environments with swimming pools.
  • Ecoloom is 100% recyclable.
  • Very quick and easy to wipe down – making it virtually maintenance-free.

The colours on an Ecoloom rattan-weave are just as vibrant as those in the wood and abaca ranges and are colourfast as well. The texture replicates that of the original paper loom perfectly.


Diameter: 150cm

Height: 78cm