Victoria Corner Dining Set with Rising Table

 A corner dining set With A RISING TABLE is the perfect way to combine relaxation with comfortable dining. The corner sofa style seats allow you to make the most of the space in your garden, and the large table means there is plenty of room for the largest of feasts

Left side = 1780 right side = 2510


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The set includes three additional stool-style seats so that you can feed the entire family in comfort. The Victoria range elegantly combines a flatter weave to give side panels and surfaces a smooth finish, with a more robust round weave for edges. The weave is a multi-tonal smoke and charcoal colour, resulting in its own unique style. The deeper cushions on the lounge products invite you to sit back and relax down into pure luxury. All our cushions come with removable, washable covers

 Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
Sofa R/H Arm 840 1780 730
Sofa L/H Arm 840 1780 730
Table 450 1400 800
Footstool (x3) 340 420 420

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