TNT Deluxe Stacking Chair

TNT Deluxe Stacking Chair

Hand-finished Teak Frames.

Stylish Batyline fabrics mould to the shape of the body.

The feet are capped with plastic studs for extra protection.

Discreet steel fixing bars attach the fabrics to the frame.

The teak frames have a mortice and tenon joint construction reinforced with teak dowels.


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Fabric Colour

Specific sheath formulation.

The weave openness is optimised for regular use.

Patented technology from Serge Ferrari.

High tenacity polyester yarn.

Immensely strong and tear-resistant. UV stabilisers are also added so it doesn’t fade over time.

A light mix of soapy water will clean the fabric in seconds.

Tension in the fabrics is uniformly conserved reducing the likelihood of sagging over time.

This uniform weave offers very vibrant colours.

Stays cool in summer, dries very quickly.


Height: 89cm

Width: 60cm

Depth: 55.5cm

Arm Height: 67cm

Seat Height 45cm