The SUNS Textile Protector with nanotechnology is an effective and durable impregnating agent that has been specially developed for protecting water-repellent cushions, parasols, tent cloths etc., both indoors and outdoors. The nano-protective layer binds with the fibers, is vapor-permeable,

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retains colorfastness and protects against weather influences, liquids, oil and grease. The SUNS Textile Protector is suitable for plastic, cotton, and other textile types.

This Protector is developed for use on textiles and water-repellent textiles. Think of pillows, furniture coverings, umbrellas, tent cloths, etc. both indoors and outdoors.

The Protector is an effective and durable impregnant that uses nanotechnology to add an active layer to the textile. This restores the water-repellent properties and helps to protect against various weather conditions, liquids, oil and grease.


Shake well before use! Only apply outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Moisten the surface with water. Apply Protector undiluted. Spray evenly from top to bottom at a distance of 15-20 cm from the product until pearls form. Allow Protector to dry for 6-12 hours (at 18 - 20 ° C) before use. Fully reacted after 24 hours. Active effect for approx. 1 year, if not exposed to frequent washing, scrubbing or dry cleaning. If the protective effect decreases, repeat the treatment. After treatment, food stains can easily be removed with a damp microfibre cloth (swipe, do not rub). In the event of severe dirt, clean the material using SUNS Textile Cleaner. Re-impregnate the cleaned part with Textile Protector if required.


Keep out of reach of children. Preferably use in the open air, avoid excessive inhalation, ventilate well indoors, use protective gloves and eye and face protection.