St. Tropez 6 Piece Suite With Firepit

St. Tropez 6 Piece Suite With Firepit

The complete set comes with a firepit, weather covers and scatters cushions  with fire glass and glass and stainless steel wind guard


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The combination of luxury synthetic leather and high-grade multi-colour rattan works perfectly in this ultra-trendy design.
The frames on the seating and footrest are made from tough but lightweight aluminium that will remain rust-free 

The Synthetic Leather Fabrics:

Laboratory Testing ensures its suitability for regular use in a wide range of temperatures, specifically from -20⁰C to +60⁰C. Plenty enough to cope with the British climate.

  •     UV Stabilisers and Colour-Fast preservatives are added as standard.
  •     Very low maintenance and dirt resistant as standard so it keeps that just like the new look.
  •     It is, in fact, stitched into the frame and filled with a juicy, soft filling with memory foam capabilities.

And, for peace of mind, all raw materials used are fully recyclable and produce minimal waste during the manufacturing process making the St Tropez Range of furniture environmentally friendly and staggeringly beautiful at the same time.

The Rattan:

The weave is made from synthetic fibres specifically developed and tested for regular use outdoors.
With UV Stabilisers and colour-fast additives added during production to guard against fading and degrading over time, these fibres are also pre-tested for suitability across a range of outdoor temperatures.
All materials used are 100% recyclable as well.

The Firepit Table:

  •     A Free Weather Cover is included in the price.
  •     Firepit enclosure is made from tough tempered glass (5mm) to withstand the rigours of regular use.
  •     The central enclosure can be filled with either Glass beads or Java Rocks.
  •     The whole unit is CA / CSA Certified from a safety perspective.
  •     Firepit controls are fully regulated for safety purposes.
  •     The firepit itself retracts into the tabletop when not required to leave a completely flat surface if required.
  •     Handles are built into the side of the unit to make it easy to reposition when required.

Please Note: This Firepit in this set requires a Propane Glass Bottle for use & you may need to change the regulator for the type used in your country which is not included in the price.

This Set Includes 

2 x chairs
1 x sofa
1 x side table
1 x footstool
1 x Firepit Table

All Dimensions:

Width: 75.5 CM
Depth: 74 CM
Height: 71.5 CM

Width: 141CM
Depth: 74CM
Height: 71.5 CM

Firepit Table:
Width: 122 CM
Depth: 75 CM
Height: 62.5 CM

Side Table:
Depth: 50CM
Height: 50 CM

Width: 60 CM
Depth: 47 CM
Height: 40.5 CM