Rochester 1.5M Bench | FSC® Certified

Rochester 1.5M Bench | FSC® Certified

Quality Teak and imported from Thailand where the manufacturers have a reputation for producing the highest quality teak furniture in the world today. And, looking at our Rochester 1.5 Meter Bench 


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Design is built for comfort though, with the curved seat section and flat, curved arms. Combined with the thickset chunky aspect the Rochester is sturdy as well.

Particularly when you consider that it’s finished to the highest specification with mortice and tenon joints reinforced with teak dowels to prevent that wobble over time that you get with inferior models that use bolts to hold them together.

The highest Grade FSC Certified Teak is our preferred wood for outdoor furniture due to its high oil content and dense nature that makes it perfect for outdoor use as the wood is naturally protected Look out for our FSC certified products.

  • The ageing process, particularly with the highest grades of teak is a classic silver-grey and those who know a bit about teak will be familiar with this.
  • Our teak does not need to be maintained to stop degradation by the elements …
  • For cosmetic purposes, you can use a mild, soapy water mix on a warm day and remove the silver-grey aspect to return it to the original golden hue.
  • We also sell a range of Teak Care Products for cosmetic treatment purposes as well.


Length: 1492MM

Width: 645.5MM

Height: 890MM