Oxford Deluxe Large Corner Dining Set - With Rising Table & Armchair

Deluxe Corner Dining Set with Rising Table and Armchair is a timeless classic which will effortlessly enhance your outdoor living space whilst providing maximum comfort through its thick filled cushions. This set is recognized for its signature curved arms and backs and its beautiful woven edging detail


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The rising table provides great versatility for your outdoor space. It will allow you to go from dining to lounging as it transforms from a dining table to a coffee table with ease. The Oxford Deluxe Corner Sofa is designed to adapt to your outdoor space thanks to a detachable middle section.


Modular left or right-handed (Overall Length of Long Side 285cm)

  • Rattan Sofa Piece 1 - H78cm x D86cm x W134cm
  • Rattan Sofa Piece 2 - H78cm x D86cm x W134cm
  • Rattan Corner Piece - H78cm x D86cm x W89cm
  • Rattan Middle Piece - H78cm x D86cm x W62cm
  • Ice Bucket Rising Table - H45/69cm x L150cm x W85cm
  • Rattan Armchair - H78cm x D85cm x W79cm
  • Rattan Footstools- H34cm x W40cm x D40cm

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