Outdoor lamp Fay

Outdoor lamp Fay

The Mrs. Solar series, SUNS has created an elegant and functional collection of outdoor lamps.
All lamps in this collection work on solar energy.

They collect energy during the day and give it back in the evening for up to 18 hours.
This means you no longer need a power supply in your garden or terrace.


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Part handmade Solar outdoor lamp that gives you light wherever you need it. The lamp can be either placed on the ground or hung. The aluminium frame reinforced with rope creates a very atmospheric appearance. The light intensity can be adjusted between three settings. SUNS Fay is available in three sizes.

The lamp/solar module is also available separately. In addition to charging with solar energy, the lamp can also be charged via the included USB-C cable on darker days. With the Mrs. Solar outdoor lamps from SUNS, you can create a complete and wireless lighting plan for your garden or terrace.

  1. Weatherproof
  2. Semi-handmade
  3. Solar-powered lamp 
  4. Switch between 3 settings
  5. Works for up to 18 hours

Fay S
Diameter: 24.5 cm
Height: 41 cm

Fay M
Diameter: 31 cm
Height: 26 cm

Fay XL
Diameter: 36 cm
Height: 79 cm

Light intensity and burning hours
Three settings: 30% | 50% | 100% light intensity
Automatic: 100% light intensity

Burning hours after 5 hours of charging in direct sunlight:

Setting 1 – light intensity 30% | 10 hours
Setting 2 – light intensity 50% | 8 hours
Setting 3 – light intensity 100% | 5 hours

Burning hours after fully charging with USB-C cable:

Setting 1 – light intensity 30% | 18 hours
Setting 2 – light intensity 50% | 12 hours
Setting 3 – light intensity 100% | 7 hours