Meteor Modular Footstool-Coffee Table

Meteor Modular Footstool-Coffee Table

Modular piece follows the classic Meteor design consisting of synthetic marine leather and an outdoor rattan weave! What is more, there is an additional metal plate which allows it to be used in two ways; as a coffee table or as a footstool!



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synthetic leather fabrics and outdoor rattan, this offers comfort and style for everyone to enjoy.  All fabrics are stitched into the weave and filled with soft memory foam. To protect the modular unit and the surface it’s on, it is fitted with capped feet to ensure there is no risk of marking.

With an aluminium frame, this will remain rust free so there is no need to worry about water or weather damage! The fabric used for all of our Meteor range is manufactured using the Spradling diamante meteor shade (DIA-6614) which is resistant to UV exposure, stains, static, mildew, bacteria and moisture! 

As well as this, the fabric is ideal for use on your yacht, boat or even to relax by your poolside or spa due to its fantastic resistance to salt and chlorinated water! With an ultra hi-loft backing and a 'Permablock' advanced vinyl protective finish, this fabric is perfect for any outdoor exposure! 


  • Both the weave and fabrics adhere to the following specifications:
  • It is suitable for use with all types of water including sea and chlorinated water.
  • Laboratory Testing ensures its suitability for regular use in a wide range of temperatures, specifically from -23⁰C to +60⁰C.
  • UV stabilisers and colour-fast preservatives are added as standard to prevent fading or damage from the sun.
  • Extremely low maintenance and resistant to dirt and grime build-up. 


  • Height: 45cm
  • Width: 73cm
  • Length: 87cm