Maranza Gazebo 3.5m| End Screen

Maranza Gazebo 3.5m| End Screen

Maranza Gazebo End Screen 3.5M

This End Screen fits All Gazebos 3.5m deep.
Widths of gazebo 3.6m-5.4m-7.2m

END Screens for Maranza Gazebo in a full cassette with 2 Year Retailer Guarantee:

Unbelievable Quality The New Maranza Gazebos


Delivery Policy Spain Mainland

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This is the End screen only side Screens for Galaxy Gazebo in full cassette with 2 Year Retailer Guarantee:

These are an added extra and pull down to the required length. They are also slightly transparent meaning they are a more eye-catching feature piece.
As with the rest of the gazebo, these are of the highest quality and made from Textilene.

Unrivalled for strength and beauty, Textilene is made of PVC coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn.
Textilene is flame retardant, heat sealable, mildew resistant and stable under either hot or cold temperatures.

Textilene is a superb contract fabric in terms of durability, specially formulated from yarns developed to withstand wear and tear for many years of outdoor use. Minimal maintenance, and colours that remain crisp and vibrant after years of continuous outdoor exposure, even under the most severe weather conditions.