eclipse 6m X 4m led motorised pergola | free standing

eclipse 6m X 4m led motorised pergola | free standing

FREE STANDING 6M X 4M ECLIPSE GAZEBO A free-standing gazebo ­is a beautiful extended version of our smaller Eclipse gazebos! At a larger size, this gazebo has a middle leg located in the center for extra support. Notably, this leg has the same 12cm x 12cm measurement that is standard with the other main legs!

THE IMAGES ARE 6 X 3  GAZEBO 6 x 4 Images will be uploaded soon


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Carefully coated with powder aluminum, this will resist rust, abrasion and harsh chemicals that may be found in external environments, The Louvered Roof... Fundamentally, the roof is equipped with familiar white louvers and lustrous LED light strips to enhance your outdoor space!

The main difference with this gazebo is how the louvered roof functions. With two separate roofs, these are double functioning with remote control, meaning it can operate independently from each other! One section can be used to shelter your hot tub, whilst the other can be used as a dining or outdoor cooking

The Drainage System...

What is more, this gazebo is fitted with our sophisticated drainage system! With the drainage channels located within the legs, the rainwater will travel through these channels and disperse at the bottom!

Significantly, our beam and gutter size is noticeably larger than other retailers! With the beam measuring at 170mm x 47mm, this means that the rainwater collected will drain faster!

Eclipse Screens...

 due to its size, there are 6 screens required to cover all the sides!

These screens are a stylish addition to the gazebo, and can project a clear image for you to enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows from the comfort of your hot tub or outdoor dining area!

Fitted with a locking system at the bottom, these screens will provide the perfect privacy for your outdoor space.


  • Length: 6m
  • Projection: 4m
  • Height: 2.4m
  • Legs : 12 x 12cm
  • Middle beam: 17cm x 4.7cm