Cover Pack For Right Hand Extending

Cover Pack For Right Hand Extending

Cambridge/Ciara Corner Dining Set

covers are designed specifically to protect your garden furniture. The covers are specifically engineered with longevity in mind, meaning that your cover will withstand all seasons.


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Using high-quality PVC backed polyester to ensure a completely weather-resistant finish, Nova covers are also treated with specially formulated Weathertex compound which causes water to repel and bead.

This cover is specifically designed to be a snug fit over your Right Hand Extending Ciara/Cambridge Corner Dining Set and Right Hand Deluxe Extending Ciara/Cambridge Corner Dining Set. The cover will arrive in a handy carry bag which can be used to store the cover away when not in use. Upon taking the cover out of this bag, you will be able to easily fit the cover over your set and fasten with the aid of the drawstrings and eyelets for a completely covered set which is then protected against all weathers.

Included are two different covers, 1 x table cover and 1 x L-shaped corner sofa cover.

Please note that all cushions should be removed and stored safely indoors before attaching the cover.

Product Features:

Weathertex treated

PVC backed Polyester

Weather Resistant

1 Year Warranty

Please Note: Do not use this cover on Polywood tables unless you place a protective layer between the PVC-backing and the Polywood tabletop.