Cotswold Reclining corner dining

Cotswold Reclining corner dining

Reclining corner dining set with a rising table. The corner sofa is designed to offer maximum support with its unique high back. Each end of the sofa is complemented with a recline to enhance your lounging experience.


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The Cotswold was designed with exceptional comfort in mind, which has been achieved due to the deep seating

Can furniture be left outside all year round

We can confirm that all of our furniture can be left outside all year round. However, we do recommend to purchase one of our winter protective covers for your furniture. Our covers provide superior protection from the elements. We strongly advise that all cushions should not be stored underneath your protective cover, otherwise the cushions will become water stained. In addition, all cushions should be stored in a dry location when not in use. 

1 x Cotswold Rattan Armchair - H96cm x W62cm x D76cm
1 x Cotswold Rattan Left Bench - H96cm x W126cm x D76cm
1 x Cotswold Rattan Right Bench - H96cm x W126cm x D76cm
1 x Cotswold Rattan Corner Section - H86cm x W86cm x D76cm
1 x Cotswold Rattan Middle Section - H96cm x W61cm x D76cm
2 x Cotswold Rattan Footstools - H41cm x W60cm x D54cm
1 x Cotswold Casual Rising Table - H69/45cm x W150cm x D80cm

Are my cushions machine washable?

All of our cushions can be machine washed, we recommend that you wash your covers at a low temperature, around 30ºc. In addition, we strongly recommend not to dry your cushions on a radiator or tumble dryer. This will cause the cushion cases to shrink.

Do our products fade in sunlight?

All of our products provide UV protection to ensure they do not fade in sunlight, resulting in years of enjoyment.

How do I care for my furniture?

We recommend cleaning your furniture without the cushions at least once a year. Brush the furniture down to remove leaves and debris. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe the dirt away. After the dirt has been removed we recommended rinsing your furniture.

Is our furniture fully assembled?

All of our furniture is fully aluminium welded, the only component which requires assembly is our tables, parasol and storage boxes.

Do you use Tempered Glass?

Yes, we can confirm all of our glass has been tempered for your safety.