Chelsea Armchair

Chelsea Armchair

With an ergonomics in mind, you don’t really need a cushion on this smoothly-finished and shaped armchair.

There’s a high backrest for added comfort and it also gives it a regal feel.


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The individual pieces join seamlessly together – it could almost be one single piece of wood – and teak plugs join the arms to the backrest which is great attention to detail with this particular piece of teak furniture.

As part of a set, the Winchester range of armchairs stacks neatly together as a solid unit when not in use making them perfect for commercial and domestic buyers.

Why is Teak Furniture so special?

As hardwood teak is naturally oily and very durable. You have to do virtually nothing to teak furniture to maintain it - it can stay outside for the duration of its life without deteriorating.

Over time it will turn from the warm, reddish-brown colour to a lovely silvery-grey – almost becoming a different piece of furniture entirely – this is a really endearing quality with teak furniture.

The look and feel of teak is totally individual – another factor that makes it superior to other woods for furniture-making – particularly the Grade A Teak that is used in our furniture.

It can also be maintained in its original state if you prefer the warmer feel of new teak. Simply apply a Teak Protector periodically to achieve this effect.


Height: 91.8cm

Width: 59.7cm

Length: 63.7cm