Cedar Gazebo 4.2 X 3.6M | FSC® Certified

Cedar Gazebo 4.2 X 3.6M | FSC® Certified

A classic design features a grey roof, sturdy posts with classic plinths, and sleek curved supports. 100% FSC cedar wood … This is finished in a natural cedar stain to give it further protect and enhance the aesthetics of the finish in general.


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Cedar Wood:

This timber is widely used for both indoor and outdoor furnishing and renowned for its beauty, is nick-named "tree of life"..

Cedar contains natural oils which help it repel moisture and humidity, therefore it is naturally resistant to decay and insects making it perfect for use outdoors all year round.

When combined with its lightness and stability it makes for a perfect outdoor shelter that looks great and is highly practical at the same time with minimal shrinking and warping.

Plus it doesn’t need any chemical treatment that might harm children. We apply a water-based colour stain before it leaves the factory. This is safe for children, pets, and plants.

Chinese Cedar also has an incredible thermal coefficient, meaning even on hot days, it is cool to sit in and touch. 

Many other kinds of wood (such as pine and fir) need pressure treatment. Without this, the wood will rot and would not be suitable for use.

Our Cedar Gazebo doesn't need chemical pressure treatment. The frame is also soft to the touch with cracks and splinters occurring far less often than in other treated timbers.

Cedarwood also grows quickly which takes the pressure off other types of timber that have longer growth cycles. This has led Cedar Wood to become known as a 'green' timber.

Galvanised Steel:

The roof sections are made completely from galvanized steel with a grey powder coating.

Galvanization involves introducing a zinc coating throughout the body of the steel roof sections that protect them from corrosion and rust in the elements all year round meaning they will stay looking great throughout the life of the gazebo.

Includes all hardware required for assembly.

Size: 4.27L x 3.69W x 3.23H (Meters)

Delivered in 3 seperate boxes.


Box 1

229cm x 69cm x 30cm high

Box 2

229cm x 69cm x 30cm high

Box 3

229cm x 138cm x 4cm