Speckled Hen Round 4 Chair Dining Set

Made by Sacred Earth the Speckled Hen Range has a very unique character and appeal.

The patterning on the top of the round table is totally in-keeping with the speckled hen theme and the inwardly curved legs look great and add to that bistro feel


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Sacred Earth are well known for their quality and the mosaic patternings they offer follow very exacting guidelines.

  • Beehive Kilns are used to fire the terracotta tiles for 30-40 days.

  • Wooden moulds are then used to shape the tiles with ‘wire and cut’ methods to a uniform shape.

  • The finished tiles are laid out by hand on a pre-drawn template after being cut to size.

  • Wire mesh and encaustic cement is then used to fix the pattern being made.

  • to complete the design a high quality Penetrating Glaze, (matt finish), or Weather Glaze, (glossy finish), is evenly applied.

  • The whole thing is then sunk into the galvanised and powder-coated tubular steel frame to complete the finished article.

Table dimensions:
Diameter: 90cm
Height: 75cm

Chair dimensions:
Height: 90cm
Depth: 48cm
Width: 54cm
Arm height: 66.5cm
Seat height inc. cushion: 48cm

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