Regent 10 Chair Dining Set

Regent 10 Chair Dining Set

Reclaimed Teak Furniture offers a move away from
the norm.and different whilst at the same time
being functional,practical and expertly made by
skilled crafts people to their bespoke,
hand-made qualities, It makes sense
environmentally as well.

By reclaiming teak that's come to the end
of its natural useful life Quite simply, the best,
Its dense, oily nature means, It has a very low
moisture uptake over time the teak
will blend in your environment 


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Our Teak furniture is Grade A and FSC Certified of true quality. The distressed finish lends it a really natural feel. And, as with all high quality teak it can be left to age naturally which will add to its majesty.

It’s a lovely feature-piece and the elegant rattan chairs gives it the perfect tuch to your home.

Our Ecolene Rattan sinthetic weave is an award-winning, synthetic fibre developed in Indonesia specifically for use in outdoor furniture. This weave is available in five different colours and the legs are fitted with plastic caps to protect the chairs and your patio.

Outdoor Rattan Chairs.

The rattan-weave is woven from Ecolene an award-winning, synthetic fibre patented and manufactured in Indonesia.

There are five colour options and they all compliment the teak perfectly.

The frame is not visible in the design but is reinforced aluminium which is sturdy and will last forever.

The ergonomics of the design makes the chairs very inviting and difficult to leave once occupied.

The legs are plastic capped - added protection for the chairs and the surface they’re on.

Why choose Ecolene™ Outdoor rattan weave?

It is a patented material with a high quality, smooth finish that looks like natural rattan-weave.

Maintenace  free, fibres can tolerate a huge range of temperatures.

Does not contain Cadmium, Lead or Chromium and is 100% recyclable wich makes it eco friendly.

3 years WARRANTY.

Please note! pictured with 8 chair this dining set comes with 10 chairs

Table dimensions:

Length: 280cm
Height: 77cm 
Width: 100cm 
Table leg thickness: 10cm

Chair Dimensions:
Width: 64cm
Height: 89cm
Depth: 66cm
Seat width: 50cm
Seat depth: 44.5cm
Seat height: 42cm
Arm height: 64cm


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