Monaco Timber Sofa Set

All the seating has angled backs plentiful seat pads and sumptuous cushions to match.

The frames are made from lightweight but tough aluminium which has a generous powder coating making it last for years of outdoor use.


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100% All Weather Cushions …

LIFE cushions have a unique design that allows water to pass straight through, rather than being retained inside of the cushion.

This vastly reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew or rot setting in meaning you can leave them outside during the summer months with confidence. As well as this innovative microporous filling, the outer covers themselves are made from high quality, UV-stabilised, woven texta line material that will withstand the rigours of regular outdoor use.

Tough Spraystone Top ...

SprayStone is a high-performance coating that produces the look and feel of real stone perfectly. It affords maximum durability and colour retention over time, with strong resins that provide a level of crack resistance unrivalled by conventional coatings or stucco. It also resists abrasions, harsh weather conditions, UV radiation, and mildew.

Dimensions & Components:

Set includes:

 1 x Sofa

 2 x Arcmchair

 1 x Coffee Table


Height: 66cm

Width: 75cm

Length 140cm


Height: 72cm

Width: 75cm

Depth 91cm


Height: 90cm

Width: 171cm

Depth 90cm

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