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Can you leave your garden furniture outside in the winter?

Published : 02/10/2019 06:24:49
Categories : Garden Furniture & Accessories , News Update , Outdoor Fabric Furniture , Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Can you leave your garden furniture outside in the winter?

Can you leave your garden furniture outside in winters? The answer is off course, yes! The fabrics and the frames of this furniture's are of good quality, and they are built keeping all harsh weathers in mind. But certain things may happen to your furniture if kept outside all through the year no matter how well it is made. Have a look at some of the effects:


  • Lifespan reduces: Your outdoor furniture may survive the whole winter, but the materials may get destroyed. The winds and the snow can cause wear and tear in your garden sofas and ultimately decrease its lifespan. The garden sun loungers, do not have any function during winters, so the best option is to either bring inside or cover it during winters. This way its lifespan never get reduced.


  • It will get filthy: With full exposure, all furniture will get covered in grime, dirt and anything that comes with the wind. Then again, you need several hours to clean it up. So the better option is to cover it or bring inside during bad weathers.


  • There is the risk of damage: When you leave your garden furniture outside during winters, you put it in the risk of getting damaged by a windstorm, snowstorm etc. Lilly Bench 150 cm from Garden Furniture Spain is very sturdy and high-quality outdoor furniture. It has a dense and oily nature which makes it very low moisture uptake furniture and at the same time gives a gleaming and lustre appeal.

Thus, we can say that although you can leave that furniture outside you should take proper care of it.

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