When we have a free day--and all our to-do lists cleared, with all our responsibilities already taken care of, and nothing in our calendars--all we want to do is sit and relax and do nothing.

It is the ultimate luxury. It is what we all work for, right?

Comfort and relaxation.

There might be a lot of ways to do it. And yes, there are wrong ways and right ways. If the day is grey, storm clouds are rolling in, the sun long disappeared into the sky, the smell of rain in the air, all we want to do is sit inside by the window and read a good book or watch an old movie. If the sky is bright and clear, the sun shining brightly, not a cloud in sight, your pool glimmering in the light, then, well, it's too good of a day to waste inside.

To spend your time the most comfortable way, we bring to you loungers of a kind.

Ledge Loungers

You know the feeling when you want to get into the water, but you don't want to be too immersed to be cold, but you also don't want to be too dry to feel hot? Yeah, we have all been there. It is why ledge loungers are the perfect outdoor furniture. Ledge loungers are the epitome of in-pool furniture. So comfortable; you lean back, embracing your body in the most relaxing way that at the moment your body touches the seat, all your worries pour out of your mind and into the water. Is it magic? Perhaps.

Rattan Sun Loungers

We've all admired cats. The slow, lazy way they lounge in the sun and bask in its warmth, not a care in the world. We look at them and think I want to be one, too! With rattan sun loungers, you can do just that. This particular piece of furniture is like a cosy bed in the sun. So, you can sit and enjoy the smaller wonders of life.

Sounds beautiful, right?