Sicilie Sofa Set

Sicilie Sofa Set

A modern and spacious design the Sicilie Range looks great in any outdoor space.

Wide seat pads and soft spongy back cushions make it perfect for relaxing on in the summer sun, The tough coated aluminium frames


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And rust-free whilst at the same time making it easy to reposition.

These are some of the best-performing fabrics on the market today. They are engineered using small particles that give ordinary materials very advantageous properties.

Nanotex Fabric Specifications:

Extreme water resistance.

Odor and moisture elimination.

Bacterial resistance.

Increased elasticity and strength.

These cutting-edge fabrics are fully tested to achieve maximum performance for the following disciplines ...

  • ISO Tested for Colour Fastness to Water, Sea Water, Perspiration, and Light.
  • AATC Tested for Anti-Mildew Resistance.
  • AATCC Tested for Crocking, Oil Repellency, Spray Test.
  • ASTM Tested for Tensile Strength, Tearing Strength, Taber Test, and General Weatherability.
  • BS EN Tested for Flammability.

Dimensions for Two Seater Sofa:

Height: 61cm

Depth: 92cm

Width: 176cm

Height with Cushions: 84cm

Dimensions for Lounge Armchair: 

Width: 100cm 

Depth: 88cm 

Height: 60cm

Dimensions for Coffee Table:


Width: 80cm

Length: 130cm

Height: 44.5cm


Width: 135cm

Height: 62cm