It is a hot summer day. A sweet, dry breeze lilts in the air pirouettes your hair, carrying the smell of oranges, the smoke from the barbecue nearby. A cool glass of lemonade chills your hand, condensation dripping from the sides of the glass. You want to sit outside, watch your dogs play in the afternoon sun, soak in the sunshine while you can. Crack open the spine of the newest summer release. You want to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

The right kind of outdoor furniture is essential to round out this whole experience. To truly bask in the sun, hold small garden parties in your home, light citronella candles, and set up plates around the table, you will need garden furniture that is refined and sustainable--that is beautiful and fits in with your home.

So, what is the best kind of outdoor furniture? Let’s explore more about the fascinating options- reclaimed garden furniture, teak garden furniture, and Cantilever parasols.

Reclaimed Garden Furniture

Reclaimed garden furniture is the new trending outdoor furniture that has found a place in hundreds of homes.

Made of processed wood reclaimed wood furniture is a fun and creative way to add decorative pieces to your garden or patio, spicing up your interior decorating game. It is artful in its creation, adding a rustic, earthy tone that fits right in with the garden. It is also environmentally friendly and kind to your budget.

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture never goes out of style. It is durable, reliable, and makes the summer a lot more pleasing on the eyes. One of the best types of wood there is teak, which is hardy and long-lasting. In the right climate, it can last for generations without any extra upkeep on your side! It is a king among woods, coveted in the building of different furniture. Teak garden furniture is also the best for garden furniture as it regulates the temperature by itself, keeping you as cool as that glass of lemonade in the summer and warm like a bowl of soup in the winter.

Bonus: Cantilever Parasols!

Cantilever parasols are modern, stylish, and keeps you protected in the harshest of the weather. Sturdy and reliable, it is a crucial piece of furniture that blocks the sun from your eyes as you try to read or look at your phone screen. By moving it wherever you want, you can relax on the soft grass or a sun lounge or by the poolside!

Light on your wallet, all these pieces of furniture will bring flair and style to your garden.