What is Rattan?

We hear the word "rattan" used a lot in terms of furniture. But what is rattan? And why is it so special? Rattan is a type of climbing vine found in the jungles of India, China, and Malaysia. It is a lightweight material that is also tough and durable and can withstand all sorts of climate. Found in light gold colour, it brightens the palette no matter what room you put it in.

Rattan Day Beds

In recent times, rattan furniture has grown more popular. Either everyone has it, or they want it. You can often find rattan day beds in your neighbour's, friend's, or relative's homes. Its versatility makes it the perfect sort of furniture to have in the corner of your hall. It will go with any colour, any interior design, bringing out its best attributes while remaining stunning on its own. Who wouldn't want rattan day beds?

Rattan Sofa Sets

Rattan sofa sets are an affordable luxury. They are stunning and unique in their craftsmanship. They have this beautiful, adaptable quality that will transform any room you put it in. It is low-maintenance and waterproof, which instantly makes it the best thing to have around when you have little children. No more worrying about your son who spilt orange juice over the arm of the rattan sofa or your daughter who touched it with ketchup still on her fingers! It is also comfortable to sit in and contours to your back in a way no other furniture can.

Rattan Dining Sets

Soothing on the eyes rattan dining sets are visually pleasing in a way very few furniture pieces are. You can place it in your dining hall or use it as outdoor furniture, and it will carve a place in your heart and your home. Whether you want a vintage set, or something more modern, there is something for everyone. Like we said before, it is mostly stain-free, so that's a bonus. And if it is light enough for your teenager to lift it, wouldn't you want rattan dining sets at home?

There are a lot of options when you look at rattan furniture. But whatever you choose will exceed your expectations. It will reinvigorate your home while still not being too hard on your bank accounts! Rejoice!