Winchester Kingston Rising table Sofa Dining Set

Garden dining furniture set finished in natural looking wicker style rattan has just got even better!!!  With the addition of a rising dining table, which allows you to raise the height of the glass topped table to a comfortable height for dining

 with rising table 


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This set retains all of the other great features of the standard Winchester Kingston Corner such as providing a great and comfortable area for at least 6 people to be seated on the sofa and also includes 3 footstools with extra thick cushions to provide comfortable seating for a further 3 people.  All of which can fit perfectly around a large, toughened glass topped rectangular rising dining table.  Your friends or family can relax and settle into the thick beige base and pillow backed cushions on the corner sofa which is finished in bright natural round rattan weave to give an appearance of wicker.  With the added benefit of the footstools, these can be pushed against the sofa and create 3 chaise lounge style seats for even more relaxation.

 Overall  dimensions 1920 x 2510

 Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
Sofa R/H Arm 840 1920 730
Sofa L/H Arm 840 1780 730
Table 720 1500 1000
Footstool (x3) 400 400 400


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