Tropical Hangout | XL

This is the Tropical Hangout in its bigger form, ensuring even more comfort and relaxation.

There will be enough room for even more people to get comfortable in these hammocks.

So get your whole family together to hang out and enjoy the Tropical Hangout | XL.

You’ve been warned, once you get in you’ll never want to get out!


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  • Surface area
4.00 x 4.00 x 4.00 m
  • Height
1.70 m
  • Max. load
500 kg (Tested with 2.100)
  • Bamboo/Wood length
4.35 m
  • Hammock length
3.80 m
  • Construction weight
72 kg
  • Connection cap material
Aluminium alloy
  • Cable material
Stainless steel
  • Bamboo


Hammock XL

Almost as tropical is the Hammock XL! With its large span and width, it is even convenient for giants. The subtle decorations give it a luxury appearance.

  • Sizing
220 x 160 cm, Total length 380 cm
  • Origin
  • Max. Weight
160 kg


The aluminium poles give the Tropical Hangout a luxury look and may be more suited in special locations like modern houses and restaurants. Another benefit of the aluminium poles is that they can be made partible, which makes it easier to transport. Also, ask us about the different colour and printing options!

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