Tropical Hangout

This is where it all started, the one and only Tropical Hangout | Original.

An ideal Hangout for you to enjoy with friends while having a delicious drink together,

listening to some music, or the perfect spot to let your imagination take you to a deserted tropical island.


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  • Surface area
4.00 x 4.00 x 4.00 m
  • Height
1.70 m
  • Max. load
500 kg (Tested with 2.100)
  • Bamboo/Wood length
4.00 m
  • Hammock length
3.00 m
  • Construction weight
65 kg
  • Connection cap material
Aluminium alloy
  • Cable material
Stainless steel
  • Bamboo

Hammock Original

Our most tropical hammock provides a great experience and is available in 4 vibrant colours: Red, Green, Purple and Rainbow and it is made of recycled cotton!

  • Sizing
200 x 125 cm, Total length 300 cm
  • Origin
  • Max. Weight
100 kg

Natural Bamboo

The world famous Guadua bamboo originates from Colombia. This is the strongest type of bamboo out there and that is why it’s known for the outstanding weight it can support. The bamboo is light in colour and gives the Tropical Hangout it’s real tropical character.


Getting burnt in the sun while relaxing? Nobody wants that. That is why we have developed a sunshade so that you can enjoy the Tropical Hangout at any hour of the day. The sunshade makes the Tropical Hangout even more intimate, and above all it is designed to become a part of the Hangout.

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