Toft Outdoor Corner Sofa Set

Toft Outdoor Corner Sofa Set

Square Corner Sofa Set With Square Footstool - Dark Grey has been designed in partnership with Sunbrella to create a unique fabric that is highly stained and water repellent. Unlike other garden furniture



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Sunbrella has formed years ago and was originally designed for yachts and boats in order to protect the fabric materials such as seats and covers from water. Sunbrella is now in partnership with Nova, developing water repellent and stain resistant garden furniture that is not only mess-free and stylish but also highly comfortable. Sunbrella material is fade-resistant, mould and mildew proof, UV resistant and highly cleanable.

TThe Toft Outdoor Fabric Sofa Set is made with aluminium frames to prevent rust and a quick-dry foam that helps water to run right through and out of the fabric, helping the sofas to remain dry and useable, even after rainy spells. The durable performance fabric is perfect for all-year use.

Should liquid spillages occur the fabric can be cleaned immediately with tap water or soapy water. For tougher more stubborn stains such as chocolate, ketchup or fruit juices you can clean immediately with a solution of:

  • 150ml of bleach
  • 40ml of mild soap
  • 2 litres of water

Apply the solution on the fabric and clean with a soft-bristle brush. Allow the mixture to soak into the fabric for up to 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed. Then simply allow to air dry and you will never know the mess was there!

Although the water and stain-resistant features are set to last for years, should you notice your set becoming less resistant to spillages and sporadic weather conditions we are happy to recommend 303 Products Fabric Guard High Tech Water Repellent Protectant which is endorsed by Sunbrella as the number one product for restoring water and stain resistance in older products

Set Includes:

  • 2 x End Pieces
  • 2 x Centre Pieces
  • 1 x Squared Corner
  • 1 x Square Footstool