Sega Weave Apple Day Bed -

A Rotating  Day Bed You Can Follow The Sun

The Apple Day Bed Sega Weave looks great in this sandy colour and has a removable, ‘stalk,’ on the top
Hugely popular With more than enough room for two to four people, his top part of the frame rotates 360 degrees on a sturdy aluminium frame allowing you to follow the sun all day long and there’s even a pull-out shelf inside to hold the drinks, magazines, etc.


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Seat cushion colour
Weather Cover

The front panel also rotates 360 degrees offering a wide opening for sunny days but shelter from summer showers and warmth when it is used into the evening if required.

It includes base-cushions that are six inches deep for added comfort wich are fitted in four triangular pieces that sit together to line the circular cross-section of the moveable body.

All cushions are fully dry-cleanable and comply with UK Fire Retardant regulations.

The main benefits to you are as follows:

Manufactured to look and feel like natural rattan.
A cinch to clean down – do individual areas with a damp cloth or wash the whole thing down with the garden hose.
It has a high resistance to water and extremes of temperature making it perfect for use outside all year round.
UV and colour stabilised for that non-fade quality.
These high quality grades of synthetic rattan are do not split or crack over time.

Diameter: 2m
Height: 2.3m (including stalk)
Internal seating area: 175cm diameter
Internal area: 195cm diameter
Swivel top : 360 degrees
Swivel base : 360 degrees

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