Scotland Armchair

Scotland Armchair

The gently curved seat in the same design and you’ve got an armchair perfectly suited to outdoor dining. Mortice and Tenon joints are used as standard and these are reinforced with dowels


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The armrests reflect the curved aspect of the whole as well and are super-smooth which displays the grain superbly. The golden hue will turn a silver-grey over time something familiar in all teak but particularly impressive in the A Grade timber we use as standard.

No maintenance is required when used outdoors due to the natural protection offered by the dense grain and high oil content but … For cosmetic purposes or to restore the golden, honey-coloured lustre you can remove the aged patina by simply using mild, soapy water and a stiff-bristle brush.

For a more professional restoration or to aid the ageing process over time please see our Teak Care Advice


Height: 93cm

Width: 68cm

Depth: 61cm