Rectangular Aluminium Firepit Dining Table - 2m x 1m

Rectangular Aluminium Firepit Dining Table - 2m x 1m

The 2m x 1m rectangular dining table offers ample space for food and drink, allowing you to dine al fresco.

The key-feature of this set is the stunning gas firepit table which not only offers plenty of space to dine - you can cover the firepit with the lid provided to create extra dining space -  IN THE EU YOU WILL NEED TO REPLACE THE GAS REGULATOR THIS IS SIMPLE TO CHANGE


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Our gas firepit tables work with Patio Gas bottles; these are the green bottles filled with propane. It is important to get a Patio Gas bottle as this is compatible with the clip-on regulator we supply with our systems. We recommend a 5kg bottle as this fits inside the table. Our firepit systems are CE Certified and manufactured using grade 304 stainless steel ensuring they are weatherproof and made to the highest quality. The system used in this particular set is rated at over 50,000 BTUs and provides ample heat, light and ambience for the surrounding area.

We estimate that on full power, you will get approximately 4.5 consistent hours of burn time from this firepit. However, you will be able to run the firepit for longer on a lower heat setting which you can control easily via the handy control panel.

For more information on gas bottles, running times and other important information please visit this page.

This furniture is crafted using stylish and weatherproof aluminium framework which offers protection from rust and corrosion, even during damp conditions.

Plus, our aluminium products are finished with AkzoNobel powder-coating which is an established, industry-leading powder coating technology actually recognised as the best in the world. Which offers a truly weatherproof and durable finish to the sturdy framework.

If you plan to match this furniture to existing aluminium furniture, the RAL colour code is 9016.

Set Includes:

1 x 2m x 1m Rectangular Firepit Dining Table

1 x Rectangular Windguard

1 x Firepit Lid

1 x Bag of Crushed Glass

Product Features:

Weatherproof Aluminium Frames

Industry-leading AkzoNobel Powder-Coating

RAL 9016

50,000 BTUs

CE Certified