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Pellets 750kg bag

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Wood pellets are renewable source of energy, made from a combination of sawdust and wood shavings, with no additives or artificial binding agents.

They are a clean source of fuel, that do not contribute to climate change. Whether they are used to heat your home or used in an industrial capacity, 

wood pellets offer a clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Quality pellets are essential. Only with high-quality pellets can a reliable and trouble-free operation of the pellet stove/boiler and supply systems be guaranteed. 
That is why we only supply premium quality wood pellets.

It is important to only buy pellets with a quality mark. European standards for biomass fuels are currently being prepared by CEN (European Committee for standardisation),
within the TC 335 workshop. Standards may relate to size, shape, moisture content, ash content etc.

Each sack has 750 Kg delivered on a pallet with tail lift.