Chelsea extending table - 240cm

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Teak garden furniture is, quite simply, the best.
This is a well-known fact, as with any timber,
Its dense, oily nature means it has a very low moisture uptake
over time the teak will age and assume that silver-grey patina
there is nothing like the look and feel of a brand new hand crafted teak dining set
or bench with that beautiful honey coloured lustre and smoothed appeal.

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1,599.81 €


1,649.29 €

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This unique extending table enables you to extend the table from either end, so theres no need to adjust the center parasol and gives even more flexibilty

Extended information

Height: 74cm
Width: 100cm
Length (unextended): 160cm
Length with 1 extension: 200cm
Length with both extensions: 240cm
Parasol hole diameter: 51mm