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Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

Published : 08/09/2017 05:36:29
Categories : garden furniture sets , outdoor wood furniture , Teak Garden Furniture

Teak wood is originally from Thailand which is durable when compared to other raw materials for making furniture. Whether you want material for flooring or furniture, teak wood is a popular solid wood material used for so many years. As the grain pattern of teak wood is straight, the material is attractive to look at. Its golden brown shade is an added advantage which offers a natural appeal and elegance to the piece. Teak has beauty and it feels great to touch it. Obtained from deciduous tree, teak is hardwood material which is much stronger than other species of hardwood. If you care for teak garden furniture, the items will last for decades and look appealing for generations. It is chosen above particle boards as particle boards are not very strong like teak. If you are buying teak garden furniture sale, you may follow important guidelines. As the process of buying teak furniture is pretty complicated, following important tips will ease the process.

Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

Buy only pre-assembled teak garden furniture

You should buy pre-assembled pieces so that you may use them as soon as delivered. If your package arrives with various components and is flat packed, you should check with your retailer whether the screws come with wooden dowels or not. You should know that metallic screws are difficult to tighten and may easily break inside. Your furniture will be unstable in that manner.

Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

Buy chairs of non-moving shape

Chairs are an important part of garden furniture sets and you need to make sure that they come fixed. Buy the chairs with no moving components. Avoid buying reclining chairs as they are more prone to jams and breakage. Buy fixed chairs in the non-moving shape.

Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

Choose the table of proper shape

When you look online for teak garden furniture sale, you will find tables in various sizes and shapes. Among all the shapes, round and oval tables are popular. If the patio is narrow and long, you may choose the oval shape table. But, if the space in the patio is enough, you may choose round table. Round table is best meant for gatherings and parties.

Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

Disregard the grade of teak

There will be many sellers talking about different grades of teak material. You may disregard the grade of teak but consider the wood filler, the knots present and the natural holes. Make sure there is no natural hole on the teak as that can cause the breakage of wood, cracking or chipping. Have a closer look at the bench or teak wood table to locate probable imperfections. Most of the times, such imperfections are located underneath and you need to trace them out.

Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

Avoid the add ons

When buying outdoor wood furniture, most retailers will suggest you extra add ons like varnish, teak oil, weather proof cover and patinizer. You should avoid them and should not pile up your costs. Teak garden furniture sets sale are already long lasting and so there is no extra work required here.

Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

Buy outdoor garden furniture pieces from a reputed, reliable and established supplier. Do not compromise on the quality to save a few bucks. Consider it a long term investment.

Tips to buying the best teak garden furniture

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