Bliss 6 Seat Rectangular

Bliss upholstered outdoor dining chair is as opulent as it is simple, with a generously filled base and back cushion - finished with a quilted back which creates real depth of style and personality.

  • 6 x Dining chairs
  • 1 x Rectangular dining table


  • Grey frame: Grey Flanelle
  • Black frame: Taupe cushions

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Fabric Colour

rectangular dining set will provide ample space for the family, or for guests when dining within your garden. This garden furniture set includes a large black or grey table that spans at just over 1.5 metres in length and features a sleek ceramic top which is not only hard-wearing but adds a modern element to its design

 With easily stackable chairs, this set is a true space safer and easy to transport

Table dimensions:

  • Length 160cm
  • Width: 90cm
  • Height: 75cm

Chair dimensions:

  • Length: 56cm
  • Depth: 62cm
  • Height: 84cm

This all-weather fabric can be left outdoors all year. La Vita fabric is specially designed to be resistant to UV light, water, salt, mould, chlorine, stains, and other outdoor hazards. It can be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild soap

With its unique qualities, La Vita has grown to be trusted as the outdoor fabric specialists across the world. Truly guaranteed against the elements, the furniture can be left outside all year round.

Advanced high-performance foam that is designed specifically for outdoor cushions and furniture. The porous open-cell structure allows water to drain rapidly and fresh air to circulate freely. After a heavy downpour and in good weather conditions, the furniture is ready to use within the hour.

Cleaning La Vita outdoor fabric range is a breeze thanks to the special La Vita Fabrics and maintenance-free aluminium frames. Properly maintaining La Vita products will take just a few minutes and will extend the life even longer


Over the last few years, resistant and innovative materials have emerged; one of them is glass-ceramics. This material is made of a lower layer of glass, which make it even more sturdy and resistant and a ceramic layer on top. The end result is a material that offers a very pleasant aesthetic effect, refined, elegant and extremely resistant. Clay is extremely flexible and soft at its natural state and becomes rock-hard after the firing process. Its colour changes according to the natural hues found in the composition of the clays. White, yellows, oranges, reds and terracotta can all be found.  At the final stage, the ceramics are glazed and decorated making beautiful natural designs for the table surfaces. 

The resulting material is amazingly strong and durable that is resistant to oil/liquid/heat as well as scratchproof. In addition to this, it is also non-corrodible and non-toxic.

Advantages of glass-ceramics:

Elegant and classy design

Endless colour possibilities

Durable - Heat-resistant, scratchproof and resistant to temperature variation as well as UV rays

Resistant to corrosive substances

It does not absorb oils and liquids

It is non-deformable (up to 600-700° C)

Shatterproof and non-porous

It is stronger than glass and supports heavy loads

Eco-friendly: easy to recycle

High resistance to scratches, abrasions and breakages

How to clean glass-ceramics, 

We suggest the use of special detergents or creams. Apply them with a soft cloth, let it react for a couple of minutes, rinse and dry with a chamois cloth.

The frames and legs of the tables are made of aluminium and can be toned in any colour. Our standard colours are Black, Grey and White. 

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