Alfie Bull cooler Large

This novel drinks cooler is designed and made by an Australian owned company based in Vietnam where they contribute to and get involved with the local economy through training and skills provision to raise quality of life.


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My name is Bruce the Bull cooler but you can call me whatever you want.

This is what makes me different and desirable.

"I'm hand-made from old 44-gallon drums that are recycled.

"I was born to be wild". - these qualities have rubbed off on me and I wear them with pride. I wear a coat witch is UV Resistant."

"We are all individualy made. The 44-gallon drums that give us life all come from different sources and in different colours this gives us our individuality."

"I can be anchored to any surfaces".

"I've got wheels on my back legs to help you drag me around easily".

"You can use me to keep your drinks cool".

If you have any quetions, please ask Bruce the Bull cooler

Height: 87cm 
Width: 63cm 
Depth: 98cm


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